Collegiate Sports Practice: Don Jackson has represented a multitude of NCAA and NAIA member institutions, student-athletes and coaches in numerous internal investigations and NCAA investigations involving amateurism rules, student-athlete eligibility, institutional compliance and performance enhancing drugs. Additionally, Jackson has represented student-athletes, coaches and universities in civil matters, arbitration proceedings and mediation hearings.

Professional Sports Practice: Jackson has represented players in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, Canadian Football League, Women’s United Soccer Association, two Olympians (including one former 200 Meter Indoor World Champion) as well as  international soccer, track and basketball players. Over the years, he has provided legal services to professional clients in matters ranging from domestic relations, contract negotiations, estate planning, business formation, civil matters and criminal proceedings. In addition, Jackson has represented professional athletes in various types of arbitration matters throughout the United States and internationally.

Education Law: Jackson has represented secondary schools around the country as it relates to compliance with NCAA and high school association rules, state law and federal law.