Fourth Down and Twenty Five Years to Go
  Author: Donald Maurice Jackson
  Release Date: June 07
  Hardback $27.95, Paperback $17.95
  Racism, class envy, personal irresponsibility of the players themselves, Fourth Down and Twenty Five Years to Go is a monumental examination of the links between issues of sports, the legal system, the media, money, sex, power and RACE. From O.J. Simpson to “Pacman” Jones----from Jack Johnson to Barry Bonds, the conclusions are startling.
  Fourth Down and Twenty Five Years to Go is a groundbreaking and monumental book that will change the sports landscape forever.
  Fourth Down and Twenty Five Years to Go chronicles a startling trend of arrests and civil controversies involving our African American sports icons. In his research, the author uncovered over 1,500 arrests of current and former African American athletes. From Hall of Famers to locally known prep stars, Jackson takes a critical look at the system that appears to condone and foster inappropriate conduct by the African American gladiators. Youth leagues, school systems, colleges, professional sports leagues, the media and coaches…the author analyzes the degree to which each shares responsibility.



Discrimination, selectively harsh treatment, outright racism, irresponsible conduct, breakdown in the African American family…which factor most frequently lands African American athletes behind bars?

From youth leagues to colleges, from high schools to professional sports leagues, Jackson attacks these issues head on and dispenses blame where blame is due. His exhaustive research and unique knowledge of sports results in a work that will have lasting relevance in the sports world.

This hard hitting book exposes the underbelly of the sports world and the all too common consequences felt by the African American athletes that are all too often entirely unprepared to deal with the consequences of their stardom. Are the “perpetrators” in effect “victims” of their own fame?

Fourth Down and Twenty Five Years to Go is a groundbreaking and exhaustive look into the links between athletic stardom, RACE, fame, money and the legal system. The findings are